Family Dependants

Spouse, Partner & Dependants Applications

This section covers applications by dependants of persons living temporarily or permanently in the UK. The immigration laws permits applications for spouses, fiance(e)s and civil partners as well as children, and where difficult conditions can be demonstrated, other relatives to be allowed to enter the UK.

In all cases the accommodation must be suitable for the family members, and the sponsor must be able to show clearly that there is the required financial support to maintain the dependants without having to claim Government funded benefits.

Marriage and Civil Partnership –
Spouses or Civil Partners of persons lawfully settled in the UK may join their partner by making a visa application in their country of residence or if already in the UK with valid residence which has been granted for or extended to more than 6 months, may apply for an extension of stay whilst here. Applicants are required to meet the various English Language, age, relationship and financial requirements. After a total of 5 years in this category they can then apply to live in the UK permanently.

Fiance(e)s –
must meet similar requirements, and on approval, will be granted entry for 6 months, and the marriage must take place within that time. On marriage, the application process is the same as for Spouses or Civil Partners set out above.
Unmarried Partners –
may also apply to live together in the UK with their UK based sponsor. These applications must be supported by documentary evidence that the relationship has lasted for at least 2 years prior to the application and that any previous marriage or civil partnership that either party was in has permanently broken down. The same requirements apply as in the case of a spouse or civil partner above.

Family Dependants – Generally other close family dependants not covered by marriage / partner status can be allowed to join the UK resident family member in the UK and (where) the overseas relatives are in extremely difficult circumstances. If not permanently settled in the UK the resident may generally only sponsor their children under age 18. Financial support, accommodation must be shown to demonstrate that there will be no dependence on public funds if the family members come to live in the UK.

Children up to their 18th birthday whose parents are settled in the UK may apply to come to join them in the UK. The parents must be able to show adequate accommodation and sufficient income to provide for their children, and may, in a single parent situation, have to show that the UK based parent has sole responsibility for the child’s upbringing and support.

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