Work and Study in UK

Employment and Study under Points Based Applications

Entry to the United Kingdom for long term residence can now only be made under specific categories of employment, investment in a business, private financial investment, or as a student. A minimum level of points has to be achieved in the chosen category by providing documentary evidence that will satisfy UK Visas and Immigration office that an applicant is qualified for immigration to the UK in that category.  Since leaving the EU, the UK Government now applies these rules also to EU nationals making their first applications for UK residence.

Please note – many, but not all points based categories may lead to permanent residence of the UK after a qualifying period, and later to British Citizenship.

Indefinite leave to remain (Permanent Residence)

We can assist with applications for settlement in a variety of different categories including Tier 1 Investors, Tier 1 Entrepreneurs, Tier 2, Family members of settled persons or British citizens, Long Residence, and Right to Permanent Residence under EU law.

At Carter Bedi McKay, we have a vast experience and knowledge in successfully handling applications on behalf of our clients under all the various categories of the Points Based System. Our unrivalled professionalism and experience will ensure that we achieve the best results for your particular application.

Points Based Applications in Detail

Tier 1 – Investors

The Tier 1 Investor category is for high-net worth individuals willing to make an investment of at least £2 million in the UK. There are no English Language requirements but clients will need to comply with specific requirements as to the source of funds and types of eligible investments. Permanent Residence (indefinite leave to remain) can be applied for after completing the qualifying period of continuous residence.

Tier 1 Entrepreneurs

The Tier 1 Entrepreneur category is for non-EEA nationals wishing to set up or run a business in the UK. This requires the individual to have access to at least £200,000 (or in some circumstances £50,000) of investment funds, meet the English language requirements, have a credible and viable business plan and have the requisite knowledge and experience to operate a business in the UK. Permanent Residence (indefinite leave to remain) can be applied for after completing the qualifying period of continuous residence.

Tier 2 (General)

The Tier 2 (General) category enables UK employers to recruit skilled workers from overseas, subject to a strict criteria. This is for skilled workers applying for jobs that cannot be filled from the resident labour force and also for listed shortage occupations.

Tier 2 – Intra Company Transfers

Employees moving from an overseas branch of a company to the UK office of the same company. Minimum salary levels and experience of working within the overseas branch apply under this category

Tier 4 (General & Child)

The Tier 4 category applies to students wishing to undertake a course of study in the UK. Overseas students must now be sponsored by the UK colleges, all of which have to be recognised by the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI ) as genuine places of education. This requires offer of study from a recognised UK college, proven ability in English language to a level sufficient to undertake the course, and ability to fund the studies and stay in the UK.

Tier 5 (Other Temporary Workers)

This category of for Youth Mobility Scheme, Charity Worker, Government Authorised Exchange, International Agreement, Creative and Sporting, Religious Worker visas.